When is the best time to look for a new lease?

The best time to look for a lease is anytime you don’t have one.  That said, you’ll find more on this question in the Texas Hunting Leases blog post.  Be sure to check out the entire blog for other useful information regarding hunting opportunities in the great State of Texas.

How do I cancel my recurring membership?

You may cancel your account at any time.  Simply LOGIN TO THE WEBSITE, go to Hunters > Membership and click on Subscriptions tab. From Membership page you can update your information, change your password or cancel your subscription.  Alternatively, you may just click here (you need to be logged in into your account) then select ‘subscriptions’ – you may cancel at any time.

I don’t remember my password.  How do I reset it?

Go to the login screen and you will see a link below the password field that says, “Lost your password?”  Click it, then simply enter the email address you joined with and click “Get New Password.”  Check your inbox (including your junk folder) for a new email with further instructions.  You may then login with the username you selected when you joined and your new password.  You’ll know you’re logged in when you see, “Welcome, Your Username” in the top right corner of your screen.   If you experience any difficulty just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to assist you.  Let me know if you need assistance changing the generic password to something you can more easily recall.

I used to be a member and I’m trying to renew, but I’m getting an error message that says my email address is already in use.

This just means that the system is pulling data from your old account.  Send me a message stating the problem and include the email address in question and we’ll will fix it for you right away.

How many leases are currently in the database?

The number of lease ads available constantly changes, but a a perpetually accurate answer is that there are always hundreds.

How often are the lease ads updated?

All landowners/advertisers who advertise their property with us have the ability to edit or delete their ads at any time.  Some of them do so in a timely manner and some don’t.  The site is updated daily as new leases are added and older ads are edited or removed.  There are some ads that are a few years old.  Day and Package hunts don’t ever expire unless the ranch closes to hunting or sells, so you will see older ads for those two types of ads for sure.  However, any ad displayed indicates that the property in question was available to lease at some point.  Many hunters have inquired about a property advertised a couple of years ago and found that there are now openings.  That’s not so uncommon.  We have no way of knowing whether leases still have openings or not, but if an advertiser or member requests that we delete an ad for any reason, we do so promptly.  Members and non-members alike may see free a sneak peak of the most recent ads posted by going to the website and clicking the red “Browse Leases” button at the top of any page.  To see the most recent ads, watch the “Browse Leases” page.  The latest ads are displayed there by the order of the date they were posted, the most recent on top.

What types of leases will I find?

Although the majority of deer hunting leases available are either “Season” or “Annual” (year-round) you will find hunting opportunities of all types that also include “Day” and “Package” hunts.  This is useful even if you have a season or annual deer lease, because you may find that there are times throughout the year that you’d like to hunt other game, such as exotics, feral hogs, dove, javelina, etc. which may not even be available on your particular lease.

How do I know that my online credit card transaction is secure?

All online transactions are processed using state of the art SSL encryption methods to ensure that your personal information remains secure and confidential.  You can verify that pages are protected in this way by looking at the address in the address bar.  You can rest assured that pages that begin with “https” are secure and protected.

If I’m still skeptical can I pay with my credit card over the phone?

Certainly.  Just have your card ready when you call us.

I don’t have a PayPal account.  May I use any major credit card?

Yes.  Simply select the “Pay with Credit Card” option when signing up.  You’ll see the place to do that when you get to the payment screen.

Will my email address be displayed in my lease ad?

No.  We keep that information hidden to help protect you from potential spammers.  However, you may communicate directly with landowners anytime.

What can I do to ensure the best response from my ad?

Fill out all of the fields completely and be descriptive in the notes.  Ads with pictures get the most attention.  You may also request that your ad be “Featured.”  This will highlight your ad so that it stands out and it displays at the top of the “most recent ads” for only $15/month.  This will ensure that your ad gets as many eyes as possible.

Have another question?  Contact us for more information.