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Once you’re a member, you’ll find landowner contact information, ranch size, number of hunters wanted, game available, amenities and more.  You’ll also be dealing directly with the landowner/advertiser. 

You’ll find additional information in the Blog about things such as when the best time to search for a new hunting lease is, and more.  Don’t forget to check out our EZ Deer Blind Kits.  It enables the hunter to build and customize his tower blind for a fraction of the price of a prefab unit.


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Our hunters are looking for Deer Leases to hunt in Texas throughout the year. has serious, quality hunters who have paid to find you and your property.  Advertise your available hunting leases right now for FREE so our hunters can find your hunting leases. Also, upload pictures to your ad.  You can also make your ad “featured” so that it displays highlighted and in the top of the most recent search results for a very minimal fee.

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