Build it yourself and save!

Now anyone can build their own hunting blind for a fraction of the cost of expensive prefabricated blinds.

Our DIY Tower Deer Blind Kit simplifies blind & tower construction takes the guesswork out of leg angles and provides a rock solid connection between the deer blind and the tower.

The unique modular design of our hunting blinds enables it to be disassembled into separate sections (4 walls, a roof, a floor, legs and a ladder) in minutes.  Instead of strapping a bulky, heavy prefabbed tower blind onto a flatbed trailer and bouncing it across the pasture thereby loosening everything up, simply load the lightweight sections into the bed of your pickup and go.  Reassembly on site is quick and easy and provides a rock-solid structure to hunt from.

The all-welded, powder coated, heavy-duty steel bracket construction ensures safety and reliability. The leg posts and framing lumber simply slide into the custom sleeves on the brackets and bolt in place.

deer blind tower

What’s included?
The DIY Deer Blind Kit includes four steel corner brackets (left) a 10 page set of easy-to-follow building instructions complete with color images and photos, and a detailed materials list for the lumber and hardware (purchased separately).

The initial construction of the basic blind can be completed in your garage or driveway in less than a day, then quickly disassembled for easy hauling. Only basic carpentry skills and framing tools are needed.

What size?
By making some simple dimension adjustments to the plans, you can build a 4’×8′ blind for about the same price as a 4’×6′.  Build a 4’×4′ blind for even less!  The height of your blind will be determined by the length of the leg posts you choose.  (8′ legs will put your windows at a height of 12′.)

How much does it cost?
The DIY Deer Blind Kit makes it affordable.  The 4’×6′ deer hunting tower blind (pictured left) can be built complete for about $850.  This estimate includes the price of the Kit ($389) and all necessary lumber, hardware, and paint (purchased separately). 

Here are just a few examples of what some customers have built with their kits:

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