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Cullen Tibbs

832-XXXXXXXX (you need to be a member to see the full number)
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  • Whitetail
  • Turkey
  • Hogs
  • Varmints
  • Exotic
  • Water
  • Electric
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3400 acre lease 28 miles east of Sonora TX. 14 total spots with 9 available. Has 3 bed 2 bath house. Satellite tv and wifi at camp. No anthrax. Lots of whitetails and exotics. Axis, Japanese Sika, Dybowski Sika, Aoudad, and Fallow. Each spot picks their own area. Each area ranges from 230-255 acres. Looking for management minded hunters that want to grow big deer. Must maintain at least one 1000lb protein feeder and corn feeder per area year round. This is a long-term lease.

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