Bow Hunting Paradise. Lower Nueces River

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  • Whitetail
  • Hogs
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between lake Mathis and the coast. 315 acres…The lease is for hog and deer for the duration of deer season and the bow hunting extension. $6930 and is bow hunting only. This is an amazing property with deer and hog everywhere . it stretches along the Nueces river and has oak mots of 500 year old oak trees. there’s plenty of cover and variation of open and brushy areas. There’s also a decent sized lake on the property…The only firearm we allow is a handgun to keep the animal from suffering uneccesarilly….The side arm is only to be used after the animal is already down. We do not allow subleasing to prevent the property from being over hunte..This Lease is typically only offered up for hunting roughly once a decade. the lease is for Oct