Crane/Lane Ranch

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  • Quail
  • Varmints
  • Javelina
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Crane/Lane Ranch is 12,000 acres West of Del Rio, TX. It is North of Comstock, TX on Hwy 163. It is a low fence ranch with Whitetail deer, Aoudad, Javelina, Predators, Dove, Quail, and a few Hogs. The ranch is a family lease where kids are allowed and encouraged to come enjoy the outdoors, family and guests hunt off the members allocation. The lease price per member is $3,500.00 per year, with the first half due now and the second half due in August. Protein must be feed from February thru August; the wildlife quality has improved over the last three years of protein feeding. So, protein feeding is mandatory. There is a camp house in the northern part of the lease with minimal space inside and plenty of room for trailers on the outside. The