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Best Time to Hunt Deer

Best time to Hunt Deer is the first & last weeks of October.

For some reason they even go so far as to say the best time to Hunt Deer in Texas is the first and last weeks of October.

They even go further to say the very first week of October is the best time to hunt deer because the deer are moving on a predictable feeding pattern and are not aware nor concerned about the hunters in the woods.

Then some hunters say the best time to hunt deer is during “the rut”, or breeding time. They actually try to time “the rut” because that’s the time that Bucks lose all caution and the deer are actively moving around.

These are just some things to consider when selecting the time of the year to get your next deer hunting lease in Texas.

I’m sure there are many other factors you have to consider when selecting your next hunting lease. Either way, good luck on your next deer hunting venture in Texas!

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