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Find a Texas Hunting Lease

Find a Texas Hunting Lease
Deer hunting land for lease is big business in Texas. Texas landowners hold a unique position.  Unlike many other states, Texas has little federally or state-owned land available for public hunting.  As a matter of fact, 98% of all lands available for Texas hunting are privately owned.  This position affords the Texas landowner a unique source of income.  Read More

Mourning Dove

Dove Hunting in Texas

Dove hunting is a big deal in Texas. And not just because it is the first domino to fall in a long line of hallowed hunting seasons that pretty much define autumn and winter for hundreds of thousands of men, women and children around this sprawling state. Even in a bad year, Texas dove hunting can be outstanding. One of the main reasons why is numbers. Staggering numbers.

Wildlife experts estimate Texas has a resident mourning dove breeding population of about 50 million birds. That is significantly more than any other state and about 18 percent of the nation’s total mourning dove population of 275 million. The numbers climb even higher when figuring in the millions of migrant mourning doves from northern states that pass through Texas each fall, and a rapidly expanding white-winged dove population that has exploded to well over 10 million over the last 10-15 years. Get a Dove Hunting Lease now and be ready for the 2018 Dove Hunting Season

Texas hunters shoot a lot of birds, too. During a good year, the number of doves harvested around here might shock you. Last season was great one. According to harvest figures from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Texas’ 300,000 dove hunters shot more than 5 1/2 million mourning doves and nearly 2 million white-winged doves during the 2017 season. The banner harvest, up significantly from 2016, came largely as the result of optimum nesting conditions that put big numbers of young birds in the field ahead of the 2017 season opener.

Experts are saying the upcoming Dove Hunting season may be just as good as last year thanks to abundant spring and summer rainfall that created banner nesting conditions and left behind optimum habitat ripe with good dove forage.

Texas Hunting Leases

Your source for Texas Hunting Leases. If you’re looking for a Deer Lease in Texas you’ve come to the right place. We have a Deer Hunting Lease just for you. We also have Texas Deer Hunting Leases in East Texas, West Texas, North Texas, as well as South Texas and Central Texas. Get your next Texas Hunting Lease anywhere in Texas!

When I first launched in 1998, there was no other online source for statewide hunting leases in Texas.  This was back when the Internet was still in its infancy and AOL still charged by the hour for Internet access.  The only sources for Texas hunting leases at that time was through Chambers of Commerce listings that were snail mailed out to hunters requesting the list, newspaper classified ads, or word-of-mouth referrals.  I was looking for a deer lease myself and thought there should be a better way to find a hunting lease.  I realized that Texas hunters needed a source for up-to-date hunting leases that could be searched in an organized, user-friendly manner.  It also occurred to me that Texas landowners needed a place they could advertise their hunting properties without having to pay $70 for two lines in a newspaper classifieds section.  I designed the site to afford landowners the ability to advertise their leases for free, thereby helping to keep lease costs down.  I had just bought my first personal computer and began creating a database of Texas hunting leases.  It took me two years (1996 – 1998) to complete the project and go live with the first Internet site specifically designed for statewide searches for Texas hunting leases. was born. Read More

News Release
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June 28, 2017

TPWD Adopts 2017-18 Migratory Game Bird Seasons

 AUSTIN – South Texas dove hunters will see increased opportunity this year thanks to a season framework adjustment expanding the early September 4-day Special White-winged Dove Area hunting season to the entire South Zone boundary. The change is part of the 2017-18 migratory game bird seasons adopted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

“For the second straight year, Texas will be taking advantage of a 90-day dove season and the expansion of early white-winged dove hunting during the first two weekends in September, in effect, create early September hunting opportunities statewide for the first time ever,” said Dave Morrison, TPWD Wildlife Division deputy director.

Other notable changes for the 2017-18 migratory bird hunting seasons include a reduction to the daily bag limit on pintail to just one, a shift in season opening date for sandhill cranes in Zone B, and a modification increasing the youth age restriction for waterfowl hunting to 16 years of age. Federal duck stamp requirements are unchanged. 

Get A Dove Hunting Lease Now!

Following is the season calendar and framework for 2017-18:


North Zone: Sept. 1 – Nov. 12 and Dec. 15-31.

Central Zone: Sept. 1 – Nov. 5 and Dec. 15 – Jan. 7, 2018.

Special White-winged Dove Days (entire South Zone): Sept. 2-3, 9-10.

South Zone: Sept. 22 – Nov. 8 and Dec. 15 – Jan. 21, 2018.

The daily bag limit for doves statewide is 15 and the possession limit 45.
During the early two weekends in the Special White-winged Dove Days, hunting is allowed only from noon to sunset and the daily bag limit is 15 birds, to include not more than two mourning doves and two white-tipped doves. During the general season in the special area, the aggregate bag limit is 15 with no more than two white-tipped doves.


Texas Hunting Leases

Hunter Education

Every hunter (including out-of-state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 2000, must successfully complete a hunter education training course. Proof of certification or deferral is required to be on your person while hunting. Minimum age of certification is 9 years. Single-day in-person course cost is $15. persons 17 years of age and older have the option of taking the course in person or online. the cost of an approved online course varies by provider. For information about various course options, call (800) 792-1112 or visit TPWD Hunter Education.

Age Requirements

Minimum age of hunter education certification is 9 years. 

If you were born on or after Sept. 2, 2000, and you are:

  • Under 9 years of age: You must be accompanied. Accompanied means: By a person (resident or non-resident) who is at least 17, who is licensed to hunt in Texas, who has passed hunter education or is exempt (born before Sept. 2, 1971), and you must be within normal voice control.
  • Age 9 through 16: You must successfully complete a hunter education course or be accompanied.
  • Age 17 and over: You must successfully complete a hunter education course; or purchase a “Hunter Education Deferral” and be accompanied.*

*”Accompanied” means: by a person (resident or non-resident) who is at least 17, who is licensed to hunt in Texas, who has passed hunter education or is exempt (born before Sept. 2, 2000), and you must be within normal voice control.

Proof of Certification

Proof of certification or deferral is required to be on your person while hunting.

Note: Certification is not required to purchase a hunting license.

Hunter Education Deferral

Cost: $10 – Allows a person 17 years of age or older who has not completed a hunter education program to defer completion for up to one year. A deferral may only be obtained once and is only valid until the end of the current license year. A person who has been convicted or has received deferred adjudication for violation of the mandatory hunter education requirement is prohibited from applying for a deferral.

Bowhunter Education

Bowhunter education certification is required on the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, Pottsboro.

Note: Bowhunter education does not substitute for Hunter Education certification.

Course Information

The cost of hunter education certification is $15.  For course information, please consult TPWD Hunter Education or call toll-free (800) 792-1112 (menu 6) or call (512) 389-4999.

Ted Nugent

I am a very lucky man to have such a deep, BloodBrother connection with so many wonderful hunting families across the nation. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from numerous families with glowing letters and Emails celebrating our cherished outdoor lifestyle and shared love of hunting, fishing, trapping and all the shooting sports. Read More

Texas Hunting Leases

Access to land is one of the biggest challenges for sport hunters these days, and various forms of fee hunting can allow ranchers and other landowners to capitalize on resources they already have. These arrangements potentially can generate significant supplemental income, but of course a successful – and sustainable – hunting enterprise involves more than setting a fee and watching the money roll in. Read More

Follow these tips to avoid turning minor gunsmithing mistakes into expensive problems.

Hunting In Texas

At-home gunsmith projects are great. Working on your own gun creates a deeper familiarity and connection with your firearm.  But if you make a mistake, the task can easily turn from a quick fix to an expensive project.

Ask any professional gunsmith, and he or she will tell you countless stories of customers sheepishly walking in with a disassembled gun-in-a-bag. These do-it-yourself projects gone bad end up costing a pretty penny. Most gunsmiths charge around $50 per hour for bench time. Lost springs or pins can be well over $5 a piece. And when the parts are all mixed together, it can end up taking a couple hours for a gunsmith to figure out what springs belong where, resulting in a higher bill.

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EZ Deer Blind Kit

Texas deer hunters have long been using elevated blinds to hunt from.  Elevated tower blinds afford the hunter the ability to see 360 degrees.  Looking over and down into the thick brush and/or cover is much more effective than trying to look through it from the ground.  Where the cover is particularly thick, it can be next to impossible to see past it even 10 yards.  An elevated tower makes the hunter much more successful.

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Javelina Hunting in Texas

Javelina Hunting in Texas

 The Javelina is probably the closest thing to a stalking bowhunter’s dream there is.  Although very nearsighted, they have a keen sense of smell and excellent hearing.  A bowhunter who stalks his prey from downwind has a very good chance of getting into bow range of one of these critters.
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